Aroma Necklace

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These aromatherapy neklaces are the perfect gift for yourself or a loved one who enjoys the benefits of essential oil on-the-go! Just place a few drops of the included oil blend on the included pad and wear. Reapply as needed when you need a boost of aromatherapy. We love them and know you will too!


Each Necklace Includes:

- Oil pad (Colors vary)

- Stainless Steel Magnetic Closure Charm (holds the oil pad)

- 21" Stainless steel chain


PLEASE NOTE: Artful Soap Co. does not manufacture these products nor do we warrant or accept liability for the statements describing each product. Artful Soap Co. is not a laboratory or medical facility and does not claim any healing ability or health benefit from this product. While we do believe in the product and use it ourselves, we will not be held liable for any claim against us regarding this product, its use, or results obtained.